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Check out a variety of technical bulletins textbooks, research reports & resources, specifications, resource catalogue, and e-blast archives covering a wide array of topics – from Canadian Performance Guidelines, to field repair for CSP, special coatings, relining procedures, and more. Browse the various resources.
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Tech. Bulletin 1

Performance Guideline for Corrugated Steel Pipe Culverts (300mm to 3,600mm Diameter)

Tech. Bulletin 2

Field Repair of Polymer Laminate Barrier Coating

Reusable, Recyclable, Remarkable – Steel’s Three R’s

Tech. Bulletin 4

NEW Navigable Waters Clearance for Canoe and Kayaks

Tech. Bulletin 5

Polymer Laminated Corrugated Steel Pipe Add On Material Service Life 100 Years

Tech. Bulletin 6

Reline Procedure for Small Diameter Culverts Using Corrugated Steel Pipe

Tech. Bulletin 7

Reline Procedure Using Corrugated Steel Pipe and Corrugated Steel Pipe Arch

Tech. Bulletin 8

Improving our Environmental Footprint

Invert Abrasion Testing of CSP Coatings

Tech. Bulletin 9

Beavers Our Natural Storm Water Managers

Tech. Bulletin 13

Performance Guideline for Buried Steel Structures

Tech. Bulletin 14

Storm Shelter

Tech. Bulletin 15

Diaphragms or Anti-Seep Collars for CSP

Tech. Bulletin 16

Taking Road Kill Out of the Cycle of Life Equation

Tech Bulletin 20

Buried Structures Technical Bulletin Cold Weather Construction Guideline

Tech Bulletin 23

Enhanced Corrosion Protection of Structural Plate Fasteners

Tech Bulletin 28

Structural Plate and Fasteners – Storage Guideline

Tech Bulletin 29

CSP Inspection Guidelines

Tech Bulletin 30

Field Maintenance Guideline on HDG Bolts

Tech. Bulletin 31

Geomembranes over Buried Bridges & Culverts

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