The 2017 photo contest winners and runner ups were announced at our annual meeting on June 4th at the Westin Bayshore Inn in Vancouver, British Columbia in front of over 100 members of CSPI & CSSBI. The Photo contest judging is based upon the following criteria:

  • Relevance to the marketing goals of CSPI
  • The ability of the photo to tell its own story
  • The visual appeal of the photo

Many of these photos are used in our bulletins, banners & project stories. I want to thank every member who participated in the contest. There were over 160 submissions from 6 different member companies. Category winners receive a certificate and $100 award and the overall winner receives $200. I would also like to thank our judges, Matt Lloyd of Glassroot Media, Bob Kennedy an independent writer, and Vicki McPhail of CSPI.


Best Culvert

1st                    Jonas Buller                Frontier

2nd                   Team Tubao                Tubao

3rd                    Chris Groot                 E.S. Hubbell

Best Bridge

1st                    Stephen Ryan              Atlantic Industries

2nd                   Ron Prychitko             Armtec

2nd                   Stephen Ryan              Atlantic Industries

Best Underpass

1st                    Syna Rasmusson         Armtec

2nd                   Heba Ahmed               Armtec

3rd                    Robbert Kamphorst     Bergschenhoek

Best Storm Sewer or Storm Water Management

1st                    Team Tubao                Tubao

2nd                   Team Tubao                Tubao

3rd                    Terry Dunn                 Atlantic Industries

Best Caisson (vertical installation)

1st                    April Shymko             Armtec

2nd                   Terry Dunn                 Atlantic Industries

Best Storage, Shelter, Utility or Ventilation Conduit

1st                    Andrea Milosevic        Armtec

2nd                   Andrea Milosevic        Armtec

3rd                    Team Tubao                Tubao

Best Creative Use of CSP

1st                    Hennie de Bruin          Bergschenhoek

2nd                   Chris Padley                Atlantic Industries

3rd                    Chris Padley                Atlantic Industries

Best Construction

1st                    Paul Proctor                Atlantic Industries

2nd                   Dominic Turner           Armtec

3rd                    Chris Padley                Atlantic Industries

Best Wildlife

1st                    Stephen Ryan              Atlantic Industries

2nd                   Heba Ahmed               Armtec

2nd                   Robbert Kamphorst     Bergschenhoek

Best Manufacturing/Product Detail Photo

1st                    Kerry Shaver               Frontier

2nd                   April Shymko             Armtec

3rd                    Syna Rasmusson         Armtec

Best Photo Overall

1st                    Herb Harz                   Armtec

Best Public Photo Overall

1st                    Evan Bedford              Red Deer County

Congratulations to all.

2017 CSPI Photo Contest Presentation