As Canada’s leading source on CSP, we offer cost-effective solutions, plus technical support, and essential information that engineers and support staff require for water and soil management. But most importantly, we provide the education today’s engineers – and future engineers – need to ensure best practices and achieve proper specifications.

Leading the way in CSP education is Dave Penny of the CSPI. Dave understands the role CSP plays in water and soil management and teaches how CSP combats environmental concerns, offers sustainability, enhances soil stability, and combats climate change. Over the years, Dave has travelled coast to coast, promoting CSP to students at post- secondary institutions, as well as engineers, and municipal employees. In his arsenal of educational supplies, Dave offers the CSPI publication, The Handbook of Steel Drainage & Highway Construction Products, which has become a standard textbook among students, municipal employees and Engineers.

Recently, Dave presented at the Transportation Association of Canada TAC/ATC on the impact acid rain has on the water conditions in the Canadian landscape and the considerations needed in proper selection of CSP. Water and soil management has become a science! No longer is just one pipe suitable for all conditions with soil conditions playing an integral role in the right selection of CSP.

Want to know more? Then check out our web pages – university students do! You may also contact Dave Penny to arrange a visit to your company or school to talk about CSP and its role in soil and water management.

Dave Penny is one of the country’s leading experts on CSP and its role in soil and water management.