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The City of St. John’s Bridges
Interesting article in paper regarding the state of The City of St. John’s Bridges.
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Video of Sinkhole Culvert Ottawa
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Queensway culvert inspections raise safety concern
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What really happened on the Queensway
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Longueuil water main fail 2012

We were informed of a major watermain failure near Montreal. It is very similar to the failure that occurred in Barrhaven near Ottawa a year ago. Both pipes appear to be Hyprescon which is a steel reinforced concrete pipe. The video has photos that make the pipe manufacture very clear. It is interesting to note that corrosion is sited as a major cause although the Longueil story also refers to abrasion of the concrete. Both installations took place about 30 years ago. It is not reinforced concrete drainage pipe but rather a pressure rated pipe. It does exhibit that these pipes, contrary to what the concrete pipe industry suggests, have a defined service life.

The black tunnel liner plate that recently collapsed on HWY 174 in Ottawa was installed about 37 years ago.

Link to article of Longueuil water main fail.

Link to article of Barrhaven water pipe fail

Link to article of why did the Barrhaven water pipe fail

Member News: Company turns it around after laying off 75.
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Alberta Outdoorsman Article Rebuttal
CSPI responds to the June 2013 article “With Friends Like This”
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