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The new CSPI website can be one of your greatest marketing tools in helping you promote CSP.  Why?  Because it has all of the answers to the questions that your customers will or should be asking.  These are not just questions about the technical features and virtues of CSP, but concerns about water and soil management, environmental impact and sustainability.  We are problem solvers with proven solutions that are discussed on the website.  All you need to do is understand where to find them.

The CSPI will provide working webinars, seminars or simply one-on-one conversations designed to explain just how the website will be enable you to present your CSP product better.  The website contains all of the answers you’ll need to give your customer confidence that they have indeed made the right choice.  A choice that’s based on technical merit, experience and facts.

Contact Ray Wilcock at or call (519) 591-1260 for a confidential review of your project, your concerns and support requirements.

Sales Aids

001 – The Value of the Water Test Kit in the Selling Process

002 – Why Do Business With a CSPI Member?